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I am a socialite and love to meet new people, especially from all around the world. I am friendly, easy-going crazy, fun, love to learn new things and experience other cultures/food etc. My interests are: Music, musical theatre/theatre, design, scrapbooking, piano, genealogy, jewellery design/making...

Music I listen to

Can you guess? How did you know?! Josh Groban yes but apart from him I love music from many genres so my tastes are diverse. Some of the artists I like are: David Campbell , Kane Alexander, Kalan Porter, Mig Ayesa, Clay Aiken, Sarah Reeve, Kelly Sweet, Joy Walshe, Michael Paynter, Troy Cassar-Daley, Michael Buble, Missy Higgins, Engima, Deep Forest, etc.

Some of my fav Josh quotes


"You guys I was in my pjs all ready for bed and I could still hear people screaming" ...Melbourne, Australia (after the third time coming back on stage at the end of the show) -28th Sep. '07

"I feel goofy tonight. I had a pixie stick before the show." .....From the Columbus show

"Yeah, it's hard to sing sad songs when there's so much love"
....From the Syracuse show after having fans yell "I love you Josh!"

"I have to work hard to not look like a nerd all the time. My friends are the only people I know that don't care about my image. I need to have people who treat me just as Josh, not as Josh the singer. "
---BangkokPost-Outlook, 8/27/02

"I try to have a real close connection with my fans. That's extremely important. They are the ones that have been there from the beginning and proved everyone else wrong."
---Inside Connection, February 2004

"I've been fascinated by music for as long as I can remember. I was the kid on the playground in the third grade who would tell other kids about Paul Simon or Depeche Mode."

My city Melbourne Australia

Quiet day in Melbourne in 2006 (it's rare to be quiet in Melbourne, but I believe it was due to a huge amount of soccer fans were at an away game.)

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne street performance (one of the many buskers and performances going on during the day in Melbourne-Melbourne being a very multicultural city)

Short video clip of some of Melbourne at night

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    no worries - I hope you are doing well too! Looking forward to the next time Josh comes back to Aus!!
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    Nice to meet YOU!
    Btw.. You saw my face arount on myspace? I'm curious where;)?
    hahaha LOOOVE your photos of Josh!
    Oooh.. I have a video on my channel.. Would you like to watch it? It means a whole lot to me if you would..
    And I also recorded ALejate in English yesterday...
    I put it up today.. You can also watch that if you want.. ONLY IF YOU WANT!
    xoxo Eline
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    Hi there! Everything's fine with me, thank you! I'm just busy with my MA...I definitely want to hear all about the show in Sydney!!! I'm so happy for you! ;)

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    Hi Catherine! I love your Josh quotes and pictures. I hope you're having a good week.

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    Hi Katka
    I also love your profile - I went to 1st and 3rd Melbourne concerts.. wish I could have caught up with you and the other grobies from Sydney - perhaps in the future I will get the opportunity.
    Keep on Joshin' image
    Heather22 xx
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    Hi Cat!

    Yes I'm back in Auckland now. Sorry, I didn't even see these messages you left here until now. I met Angela and Yvette and a few others in Sydney. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you! Do you still have a few concerts to attend?

    Mine are just in my memory now. But pretty much seared into my brain! Haha... Especially the first moment when the curtain fell and I saw him. This was in Melbourne. *sigh*

    Talk to you again, I hope!

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    I adore your profile! Your pictures takes me back to that special wonderful night that was September 28 2007 image

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    Peruvian Princess

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Some Aussie Josh Media

Promo tour (Josh on 'Sunrise' in Sydney):

'February Song'

'You Are Loved'

JOSH IN MELBOURNE (9th Oct. '07)



My blog

  1. My first blog:) FINALLY!

    02/15/08 00:06:30 | 39 Comments

    Hi guys,

    Finally I get around to writing a blog. Hope you are all doing well!!

    Well I've added some more Josh Aussie Media and will continue to add anything interesting or new from YouTube. I've added a Melbourne video and a Sydney video of snippets of Josh's concerts. Feel free to comment and/or message me. I remember the third time meeting Josh we had video footage so I'm hoping Melbourne gets in on the action of one of Josh's...

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